Top Spots to Enjoy with Ibiza Yacht Charters

ibizaWhat comes to mind when you hear that tantalizing oldie by the Venga Boys? Of course, the jam is We’re Going to Ibiza, which topped the charts about two decades back. The catchy tune conjures images of fun on the sandy beaches of Balearic Islands with a margarita in hand.

The Ultimate Vacation Experience

Truth be told, the island has so much to offer from ethereal sunsets, a world-famous nightlife and of course over 200 kilometers of pristine beaches to explore.  In order to get the most out of your vacation, yacht charters come in handy.

Boating happens to be one of the most alluring activities for your family, friends or even for a corporate getaway. When you choose Ibiza as your boating destination, the experience is bound to awe and everyone in your party will have indelible memories of the trip.

Ibiza Boating Haunts

Now that you appreciate the beauty of stepping out to sea, why not explore some of the hidden treasure coves that will make your trip resplendent. Here are some selections:

formentera1.      Formentera Island

This island is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth and with its exotic allure that is unspoilt by modern habitation, you can bet its tranquility is infectious. You will have fun walking on dreamlike white sandy beaches and bathing in turquoise waters.

Formentera looks like one of those Greek Islands that send your mind back for centuries. Its absolute exclusion away from the hullabaloo that is the mainland makes it perfect for a family getaway.

San-Antonio2.      SantAntoni

Popularly known as San Antonio, this remains one of the most magnificent places on the planet more so because of its surreal looking sunsets.  During summer, every holiday maker wants to have a piece of this exciting destination.

When chartering a yacht, you have an upper hand as you will have the best sight of these mercurial sunsets. The Passeig de ses Fonts or promenade has improved the look of the town and while you relax in your boat it will seem like you are dreaming just looking at this perfect vista.

3.      Santa Eulària

Who said Ibiza is only for the party lovers only? Well, whoever they are, they never took time to savor the serendipity and calm of Santa Eulàriaon the East Coast. With a palm-lines Promenade  running the length of the beach and that features some of the world’s best restaurants, your charter will have to explore this one top spot.

Dedo_de_Dios4.      El Dedo de Dios

Well, there is no way of doing justice to Ibiza without having a sight of the enormous but magnificent God’s Finger at Benirràs Bay.  So awesome is the feature that it even classifies as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are so many other places to scour for fun including the mystifying EsVedra, Old Town and much more.